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Assertiveness for Earth Angels

Doreen Virtue


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  • Publisher
  • Publication DateSep 2017
  • ISBNZQ43

Quick Overview

Learn how to value your worthiness and gain confidence and courage, in this first-ever
online course based upon Doreen Virtue’s new book, “Assertiveness for Earth Angels.” If you are highly sensitive and peace-loving, then you’re an Earth Angel.
  • Publisher
  • Publication DateSep 2017
  • ISBNZQ43

Product Description

Learn how to value your worthiness and gain confidence and courage, in this first-ever online course based upon Doreen Virtue’s new book,“Assertiveness for Earth Angels.” If you are highly sensitive and peace-loving, then you’re an Earth Angel.

During this 4-week course, Doreen Virtue will teach you how to:

• Stand up for yourself

• Identify toxic relationships

• Maintain healthful boundaries

• Balance taking care of your needs and your loved ones needs

• Gain confidence, courage and higher self-esteem

• Learn how to say No with loving firmness

• Overcome the fear of authority figures

• Trust and follow your intuition

• Heal from past pain which has wrapped you in fear

• Move forward on your dreams, priorities, and life purpose

• Gain healthful new habits of taking good care of yourself without guilt

 You can take this course whenever and wherever you want. You’ll have optional homework assignments each week to put your assertiveness training into practice. This course will take your inner strength and self-confidence to a whole new level.

*Each person who enrolls will receive a frameable Certificate of Completion.

Course Description

Lesson 1: You Are Gentle yet Powerful
Doreen addresses the worries, guilt, and concerns that sensitive people hold about becoming assertive. They worry how assertiveness will affect their relationships, and whether people will be mad at them. Doreen guides you through coaching, teaching, and meditations to help you to see the balance of giving and receiving that is natural to all of life, and central to healthy relationships with yourself and others. You learn about the basis of self-respect and self-esteem, and steps you can take to increase yours. Doreen will show you how beautiful and gentle true power can be, and how being powerful can help you in your healing and teaching work; your career and manifestation processes; your health; relationships; and much more. You’ll learn the clear differences between assertiveness, passive-agressiveness, and aggression.

Lesson 2: Healthy Boundaries and Saying No
This week, you’ll learn all about boundaries, including how to pinpoint your inner alarm system which instantly alerts you when someone has crossed your boundaries. You’ll learn how to trust you inner system so that you understand your true feelings and opinions. Doreen discusses how saying No is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. You’ll understand how pretending to be happy when you’re not is destructive to your happiness, health, relationships, and career. You’ll gain the support to begin standing up for yourself and your truths in a way that feels natural and gentle.

Lesson 3: Detoxing Your Circle of Friends and Family
Are your relationships toxic? Doreen will discuss practical ways to heal relationships through assertiveness, as well as how to identify toxic relationships that you need to distance yourself from. You’ll learn how to notice and listen to Red Flags from your angels which warn you before you get involved with dysfunctional or incompatible relationships in your personal and work life. Doreen will conduct a deep clearing healing meditation to help you gain insight, clarity, and courage about your relationships. Learn how to never be taken advantage of again for your niceness!

Lesson 4: Fitting In, Worthiness, Self-Esteem, and Self-Confidence
Want more courage and confidence to move forward with your dreams? This week, Doreen will help you to heal your relationship with yourself. You’ll learn the steps to increasing your confidence and how to trust your intuition. Doreen will lead you through a healing meditation to release you from past pain which may have affected your feelings of worthiness. Learn how to value yourself as much as you value everyone else.

This course provides immediate access upon purchase. (All  Online Event purchases are non-refundable.)

More About Doreen Virtue!

D Virtue 140 Doreen Virtue holds Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. degrees in Counseling Psychology. She combines her years of psychotherapy work with her spiritual healing and clairvoyant background, as well as her own personal experiences in learning how to be assertive, in her new book “Assertiveness for Earth Angels” and for this new online course. Doreen has appeared on Oprah, CNN, The View, Coast to Coast AM, and media worldwide. For more information on Doreen’s work, please visit

You can listen to Doreen every week on®.

For further information about Doreen, to find out about her series of workshops and other events, or to sign up for her free email newsletter, please visit her website:


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Changed my life!

I was guided to take this course in March 2014. Unable to be assertive had been landed me in very very toxic situation and have concealed to the notion that this is how life will always be. The course helped me see what I needed to feel peace and stand up for myself. It was not easy yet, I was finally able to draw boundaries and end all the toxic relationships! Thank u Doreen for helping me create and live a life that were beyond my dreams at one point of time!

Anubhuti Maini



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