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Loving Words from Jesus

Doreen Virtue

SKU# 9781401950217

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Card Decks
Card Decks
  • PublisherLifestyles
  • Publication DateFeb 2016
  • ISBN9781401950217

Quick Overview

Whatever your relationship with Jesus is like, you’re sure to find these cards comforting and filled with love.
  • PublisherLifestyles
  • Publication DateFeb 2016
  • ISBN9781401950217

Product Description

This beautiful deck is Doreen Virtue’s way of sharing her love and respect for Jesus and his inspiring words in the Gospels. Each card features a loving portrait of Jesus by the artist Greg Olsen, along with an uplifting biblical verse from Jesus.

Whatever your relationship with Jesus is like, you’re sure to find these cards comforting and filled with love.

(Doreen is donating a portion of the proceeds from this deck to one of her favorite charities, Compassion International, which provides for the basic needs of impoverished children worldwide so that they can live happier and healthier lives.)


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Stunning illustrations

These are so uplifting. Suitable for all ages and stunningly illustrated. The Jesus just oozes love. A treasure.



Love gods uplifting words

I pray for all of us to heal, love one another, forgive one another, is all our Heavenly ask from his people, and yet a few had the hardest times to accomplish this request. This deck is a very uplifting way to heal and have a better understanding of Trusting our Heavenly Father. No man will have peace if we don't TRUST God's plan. Stay positI've and smile, treat people with kindness.



Great Gift for Children or Adults

These cards make a great gift for both children and adults. The artwork is beautiful and a stunningly accurate portrayal of the historical Jesus as recorded on the Shroud of Turin, and as seen by Mystics and saints. The feel and texture of the cards are first-rate. You feel like you're holding something very valuable in your hands. I'm buying more right now.




I think this is Doreen's best deck! It's so beautiful! I bought many already, just to give away to people.

Eline Vegan


loving words from jesus cards

they are beautiful cards.. when i pray i always get the right card for my present situation.. i would advise people to buy them..also i would advise people not to buy tarrot cards as there not from god...

sue j. amer


Beautiful and Healing Words

I love what Amber wrote. I don't care what colors are used for Jesus skin. These are beautiful pictures and lovely words that I truly need in my daily life. I love all work that Doreen does. I just don't even think of what color she made him. She has given so much to this world . Please don't pick on her.



Beautiful Deck, Beautiful Words

Wonderful deck as always from Doreen! Also, to address the startling and judgmental, unloving comments from ppl. Everyone knows Jesus was not white. Lol! And everyone upset can chill out. If you view him as Arabic or Jewish looking or whatever you view him as, that's okay. My bf and family is Arabic and literally look white with dark hair. Plenty of Jewish friends with similar features too. Like- white privilege was brought up, really?? What does that have to do with this? Why not just enjoy the peace and beauty in the words as intended. Smh. Race is not a thing to Doreen. Just because she is white. She is a loving and genuine person. That is discriminatory in itself to assume. So unnecessary and unproductive.

Peace and love fellow spiritual peeps! Remember, Jesus loves us all and has no color! How about we be more kind as a whole, collectively. <3 Build each other up from now on. Namaste!



A Deck of Love

The words written, even from the Bible, are words of love, words from Love. No matter your religion, they lift you up and take your emotions back to Love. Warm, kind, and gentle words with powerful and loving truths. They make you feel like they have hugged you for real.



@ Watcher-Listener

Just saying----sure have mostly Euro-Caucasian images in your decks and sites....Just don't be surprised if you end up alienating people of color.....and losing their business

website fan


watcher - listener

I find it really sad that even "awakening" beings can't get over skin tones. Outside this planets experience there are no skin color differences.




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